Wealth Management is a private affair and can be a complicated process.

As such, we invite you to contact us to schedule a time to discuss your needs and objectives, as well as the value we can add to help get you there. Given the personal nature of our business, we would be delighted to meet you.

Since retirement almost 8 years ago, my wife and I have had our life’s savings invested with Silverberg Wealth Management. For decades we had invested with large mutual funds, big bank investment advisors, and ‘blue chip’ investment firms only to see high management expense ratios (MER’s) severely erode our meager net return after fees. When there was a significant downturn in the markets, we suffered losses that took a long time to recover while the investment firms continued to draw their high annual fees. After we invested with Silverberg Wealth Management, our net return after fees have been above target due to much lower fees, but more importantly the level of attention paid specifically to our investments. Their personal approach provides us with sound and timely advice in a manner that is easy to comprehend. They have provided a broad array of services that has met all our requirements including stock brokerage, financial planning advice, tax management, etc. They are not tied to any specific fund or investments so they can freely select investments that are suitable for our portfolio. They quickly respond and professionally to our requests. Silverberg Wealth Management has managed our investments well within our risk tolerance matrix while still outperforming the market all these years. My wife and I highly recommend investing with Silverberg Wealth Management. Their performance has been outstanding!


Thank you for your consistently high level of professionalism and expertise. Over the past two decades I always felt that you put my interests first.I am truly thankful to have you as my trusted partner and wealth counsel.


Silverberg Wealth Management created a focused portfolio  specifically for us.  Along with their expertise and great service our investments have also performed well above our goals that we set out.


We have been working with Silverberg Wealth Management since 1998 and have been very satisfied with their service, performance, and integrity.


They have successfully delivered on their commitment to our family, and we are fortunate to have found them.  They are honest and transparent, and do a great job.


Silverberg Wealth Management has always put our needs first, and have taken all of the stress out of managing our money.


Kyle Silverberg and his team have looked after my account for over 25 years. The performance year after year has always met or exceeded my expectations. Kyle is a true professional and his investment  advice and expertise allows me to concentrate on my own business knowing he has my best interests in mind.  He is always available if I desire more information and always respects my time.


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