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About Us

Established and experienced professionals.

The team at Silverberg Wealth Management is composed of well-established experienced professionals in the Wealth Management and Estate Planning industry. It is our mandate to connect and build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and transparency.

Silverberg Wealth Management endeavors to provide relevant, unbiased, cost effective services in an independent, conflict-of-interest free environment. We deliver exclusive industry access meant to enrich and empower the client experience. The team at Silverberg Wealth Management offer a personalized, private wealth partnership that promises complete transparency and total accountability.
Silverberg Wealth Management is the exclusive advisor for Lawyers Financial, and the Canadian Bar Insurance Association for Alberta, NWT, and Nunavut. We provide exclusive services to lawyers, and members of the legal community that are not available from any other firm in Alberta.

Our Services

Let us help you reach your financial goals.

At Silverberg Wealth Management, we use a holistic approach to help clients reach their financial goals. Being independent allows us to be objective and make our client’s goals the priority. We provide sound advice aimed at wealth accumulation, tax optimization, estate planning, and multi-generational asset distribution. With every discussion and situation, we adhere to a strict privacy policy and maintain complete confidentiality.


Integrity is difficult to define, impossible to measure, but easy to recognize and invaluable in an advisor. We care about your success. At Silverberg Wealth Management, you get the best of both worlds: financial strength and individualized, personal attention. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you, one built on a solid foundation of respect and trust.


Financial Life transitions can be complicated and confusing. Whether it is a life change through employment, retirement, or death, there are many things to consider. Silverberg Wealth Management can help you navigate the complexities of these transitions, and provide detailed advice and action plans for working with pension plans, RSP’s, LIRA’s, RIF’s, LIF’s and Annuities, and how to maximize your value.


Our professional service fees align our interests. The fees are clearly defined, transparent, and industry leading. They are based on your portfolio size, and can be tax-deductible for non-registered portfolios. Silverberg Wealth Management is proud of our fee mandate and the value they represent.

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